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Expanded Polystyrene foam applications include architectural foam, interior and exterior foam, custom foam shapes, insulation, packaging, wine and bottle shippers, recycled peanuts, foam cake shapes, art cutouts, business signage, sports memorabilia, and floatation.

For many years, the effectiveness of expanded polystyrene has been proven in numerous packaging applications used in multiple industries. Lightweight EPS is ideal for packaging applications due to its physical properties, in particular its cushioning characteristics, dimensional stability and its thermal and moisture resistance.

Using foam in insulation, cushioning, and product display applications provides your packaging increased flexibility of design. The added customizability of EPS lets you create whatever you can imagine for your packaging. Whether you require increased function or flair, EPS can be formed to fit your needs.

With our wire cutting machines, we can cut custom designs and produce a myriad of different shapes and forms. Foam is available in densities from 1# 1.5# and 2# to fit your packaging and insulation requirements. EPS can now serve as a powerful design element for valuable and innovative packaging systems.

Lightweight yet durable, EPS is not weakened by moisture, and is the ideal solution to cut shipping costs. Our foam is available in a variety of densities for strength and padding. EPS provides excellent insulation for food products and other items that are sensitive to heat. Here at Olympic Foam we give you the option to specially design your foam packaging so that we can create the best protection possible for your products. If you are a business that has signage, packaging, or insulation needs, expanded polystyrene foam provides a firm, resilient, and proficient answer to your packaging needs.